Our History

And the “3” represents three generations of building and construction experience behind the brand.

3R Constructions has a proud history and lineage in construction excellence – with traditional standards for quality craftsmanship.

The company was started by Kenny Ryley after serving 36 years in the army. He had a passion for renovation and spent most weekends and holidays completing projects when not committed to army duties. Kenny’s father had been a painter for 50 years and joined his son when he started 3R. After completing his apprenticeship, Russell joined his father and grandfather and three generations of Ryleys became united in their passion for delivering high quality work that is centred on delighting the client.

This approach to superior levels of customer service and an insistence on getting the job done right are integral to all the projects undertaken by Russell and his team at 3R Constructions today.

Our Values

Our values are deeply ingrained throughout every aspect of the business and include:

– Respect the customer and their wishes

– Do it right the first time

– Attention to detail – even when it can’t be seen

– Listen first – all communication starts with listening closely

– If a problem occurs, it’s how you correct it that makes all the difference

– Take pride in all that you do.

Our Team

Our people are selected as much for their shared values, and an ability to understand our clients’ perspectives and desires, as they are for their outstanding craftsmanship.

Having a great attitude and being polite are qualities that are not negotiable.

Scotty, our senior builder, shares the same military up bringing and strong family values with Russ , as it was also instilled in him by his father the same strong work ethic and pride in a job well done.

Our Clients

Our clients value the high standard of our finishes that are made possible by our careful attention to detail. We apply this approach even to the things that will never be seen, because we believe that it all makes a difference in the end.

More than that though, our clients appreciate the process of building with us. They love how we guide them, speak to them respectfully and keep them updated on progress and developments. They appreciate how we work with them to achieve their desires even when it creates a change in plans.

It’s because of this experience that we have clients completing additional work and projects with us, and why all the work we do is largely referral based.

Our clients feel completely confident in recommending us to their friends and family because they know that we do a great job, and that we go about it the right way.